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3rd litter of Reid's Home Grown Puppies 2013

Barbie and Chief had a litter on September 1st, 2013. They had 4 puppies, one cream female, one white pied male, two brindle males. They are 4 weeks old now and will be able to leave here at 8 weeks. Contact us to inquire on current availability. Here are a few pictures.

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Photo Gallery 



The top is the white pied male, and beside him is the small brindle male with white chin (that is at the bottom). One brindle male has white on his chin and the other brindle male has one ear up in pictures. The cream female has white steak on forehead and face. Usually the smaller puppies ears stand up the soonest. Both brindle puppies are smaller.





Phone-912-682-6507, or 912-682-4360


Second Litter from line of Reid's original two French Bulldogs (All Sold)

Four puppies were born July 9th, 2010-black brindle female and three light fawn males. Currently only the black brindle female who is VERY SMALL, is available.  She is absolutely precious and tiny.

***Update-Bitsey(The small brindle puppy) is no longer available, she has a great new family and was able to provide some life saving physical therapy for one of our original frenchie's Chloe. See picture of her under (The Girls) page-titled "Chloe in her pearls".

Call to inquire if others are available. 912-682-6507 or 912-682-4360.

                                               FIRST HOME GROWN LITTER

 AKC Pied Brindle Male, Cream Female, Cream Male

Check availability as it changes.

Prices on remainder from this litter range from $1200-1800. This will be the last litter for quite some time.

see additional pictures in photo gallery

Photo Gallery

UPDATE: New litter born July 29th, 2009. Barbie and Chief had a litter of three frenchies. Cream male, Cream female and Pied male!

Possibility of older Frenchie adult female, neutered may become available to an approved special home. The approved home will not be able to have any other dogs. This is one of our most special dogs and we are considering if we find the PERFECT Home. If you think you are interested please contact me with more information about you, family if you have one, location and if have fenced yard. Also if you have had a Frenchie before or what your past dogs have been. Email me at

See puppy pictures on photo gallery page.

Email for current available status

 or call 912-682-3507

Below Frenchies have been placed already. Check back or email to let me know what you are looking for. I periodically have older frenchies that I need to find new homes for.          


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